First Nations Handcarved Silver Jewelry

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Baby Bracelet hand-carved Hummingbird design by First Nation BC artist, Graham Henry


Baby Bracelet cuff design in Hummingbird symbol. Hand-carved
by Coast Salish artist, Graham Henry of Vancouver Island BC.
signed by the artist. Made in sterling silver
measures 4 inches around and 1/2 inch wide

The Hummingbird symbolizes beauty, peace, intelligence, love and joy. The hummingbird sends messages to the people of things to come. Messages can be a spirit message or a message of healing.

Price: $89.00

Eagle First Nation Spoon Pendant by Coast Salish carver, Travis Henry.


Eagle design on hdd-carved spoon pendant n sterling silver
by Travis Henry. Coast Salish artist from Vancouver
Island. signed by the artist. 1 1/2 inches long

Price: $45.00

First Nation Spoon Pendant with Orca (Whale) hand-carved by Coast Salish artist, Travis Henry


Hand-carved spoon pendant with Orca or Killer Whale by Vancouver Island
Coast Salish carver, Travis Henry. signed by the artist.
Made in sterling silver
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1 and 1/2 inches long

Price: $45.00

Spirit Bead Pendant with Orca or Whale carved by First Nation artist, Travis Henry


Spirit Bead pendant with Whale or Orca hand-carved by Coast Salish artist,
Travis Henry. Sterling silver. looks great with our 18 or 20 inch box link

The whale symbolizes kindness, intelligence and compassion. The Whale or Orca, is known as the guardian of the sea and guardian of travel and also can also be a symbol for unity and goodness. Killer Whales often travel in family groups known as pods and also hunt in packs like the wolf so are referred to as sea wolves. The Whale is a popular symbol for romance as they mate for life. It is because of this nature that they are known for their strong sense of family values and unity in numbers. The Killer Whale is the most admired of all the whales and is used as a powerful crest by many clans.

Price: $45.00

Spirit Bead Pendant with the Sun hand-carved First Nations


Sun Spirit Bead handcarved by Coast Salish carver, Travis Henry

from Vancouver Island, BC.  There are four sun rays coming off the face

of the sun.  sterling silver 3/8 inches wide 1 1/4 inches around.  Looks

terrific on either our 18 or 20 inch box link chains - sold separately 

Price: $45.00

Spirit Bead with Eagle Feather handcarved by First Nation artist Travis Henry


Eagle Feather Spirit Bead hand-carved by BC Aboriginal artist, Travis Henry.

Sterling Silver 3/8 inches wide 1 2/4 inches around.  Looks terrific on our

18 or 20 inch box link chains - sold separately.  click on photo to enhance view 

Price: $45.00

Spririt Bead Pendant in Salmon symbol. Hand-carved by Westcoast, Coast Salish artist, Travis Henry


Salmon hand-carved sterling silver spirit bead by Coast Salish artist Travis Henry.

The salmon symbolizes instinct, determination and persistence. The salmon is also a provider of life. Salmon in pairs is good luck. Salmon is also a symbol of abundance, wealth and prosperity because the salmon is the primary food source for the people of the Northwest Coast. It is also symbolic of dependability and renewal as it is a provider.

Price: $45.00

Sprit Bead Pendant with Frog symbol. Hand-carved by Westcoast First Nation artist,Travis Henry.Sterling Silver


Frog Spirit Bead hand-carved by Coast Salish artist, Travis Henry of Vancouver Island BC
sterling silver.
The frog is a sign to our people to put away the winter activities and prepare or a new season. The frog symbolizes cleansing, peace and rebirth. In Northwest Aboriginal Culture, a Frog is a great communicator and often represents the common ground or voice of the people. A Frog embodies magic and good fortune connected with shaman or medicine man and with spiritual and therapeutic cleansing. See above under Native Symbols for further information.

Price: $45.00