BC Native First Nations Handcarved Silver Jewelry

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Raven earrings hand-carved by BC Native artist, Donald Lancaster


handcarved in sterling silver.  Beautiful raven design by Westcoast native artist, Donald Lancaster
approx. 1.5 inches long and 1 inch wide

Price: $59.00

Eagle First Nation Tradition Charm hand-carved - fits all Pandora type bracelets


Hand-carved Tradition Charm in sterling silver by Westcoast Native artist, Travis Henry

Eagle design - fits all pandora type bracelets 

Price: $49.00

Eagle Pendant hand-carved in solid copper by First Nation carver, Donald Lancaster


Beautifully hand-carved in heavy gauge solid copper by BC Westcoast Native artist, Donald Lancaster

Eagle Totem - signed by the artist.  click on photo to enhance view.  Chain sold separately.

2 inches by 1 1/2 inches 

Price: $99.00

Eagle Spirit Bead pendant handcarved by First Nation artist, Travis Henry


Eagle Spirit Bead represents Peace, Power, Spirituality and Friendship.

Because the Eagle mates for life it also reprents family.  Sterling Silver  hand-carved

by Coast Salish artist, Travis Henry.  3/8 inches wide 1 1/4 inches around

looks great on our 18 or 20 inch box link chains - sold separately.   click on photo to enhance view

Price: $45.00

Feather Spirit Bead by First Nation artist Travis Henry


Feather Spirit Bead hand-carved by BC Aboriginal artist, Travis Henry.

Sterling Silver 3/8 inches wide 1 2/4 inches around.  Looks terrific on our

18 or 20 inch box link chains - sold separately.  click on photo to enhance view 

Price: $45.00

First Nation hand-carved Wolf Tradition Charm - fits all Pandora type bracelets


Sterling Silver Wolf Tradition Charm.  Hand-carved by well renowned Westcoast

Aboriginal artist, Travis Henry.  Fits all Pandora type bracelets. 

Price: $49.00

First Nation handcarved silver bracelet - Whale design


Handcarved and signed by First Nations artist, Graham Henry.

Carved with sterling silver in Whale Design.

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1/3 inches wide

7 1/2 inches around including the gap in the cuff

Price: $125.00

First Nation Tradition Charm - Bear totem hand-carved


Bear totem Tradition Charm hand-carved by Native artist, Travis Henry

sterling silver - fits all Pandora type bracelets 

Price: $49.00